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The Full Story


The Crystal Bayat Foundation is dedicated to supporting basic human rights for women. We utilize local volunteers to provide efficient logistics with little overhead costs.  


Afghan women have fought hard for many years for the basic right to an education. Countless dreams were shattered when this right was suddenly stripped away. Recognizing the importance of education for girls, donations were utilized to set up private schools that teach both math and English welcoming girls of all ages. 


Women who were employed in many sectors of society throughout Afghanistan are no longer able to leave their homes without a male guardian. Single mothers are struggling to survive. Donations provide handicraft training programs to increase opportunities for women to earn income from home and help prevent starvation and slavery.



Last year we identified over 300 women who were the sole breadwinners for their families. Due to the sudden government takeover, these women were left without income and sustenance. Crystal Bayat Foundation quickly organized a team of local volunteers and distributed basic survival food items to these women in several provinces.

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