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The Women of Afghanistan

Their stories are ones of strength and courage. They help to inspire young girls all around the world to claim their rights to an educated and safe life. Help their voices be heard.


Saleha Nekkhaw, 25

Saleha is a defender on the basketball court. But that’s not her only area of expertise. She is also on her way to becoming a lawyer. Saleha recently started her last semester of the law course at Herat University.


Shaesta Waiz, 35

The first Afghan woman who is a certified civilian pilot and the youngest woman to fly solo around the world in a single-engine aircraft, received the 2018 National Air and Space Museum Trophy for Current Achievement. 


Members of Afghanistan Women's National Football Team courageously told their stories of violence and abuse within the federation, sparking #MeTooAfghanistan and paving the way for others to raise their voices too.


A group of Afghan female coders created the first video game to fight opium production in Herat.

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